Startup Journey 2020

Startup Journey is an early-stage startup accelerator program for teams with a kick-ass attitude who want to make their idea a reality. We are looking for teams with a viable business idea, skills to execute and willingness to commit to the program, which takes place in the summer.

The application is open until 05.05!



Startup Journey has generated 80+ companies since 2012 and has been proclaimed as one of the best startup accelerator programs in Finland. This year Startup Journey is taking place from 7th July 2020 until 27th August 2020.

Are you a game developer or team?

Startup Journey begins here

All you need is a scalable idea for a business concept and a kickass team that is ready to commit and work hard.


Even before the Journey gets started, we’re grooming our candidates for the upcoming accelerator. Try yourself out in a 42-hour intensive accelerator event Startup Marathon. Or participate in a 2-weeks long Startup Journey pre-accelerator (more information coming soon).


Boostcamps are our weekend-long trips, which are full of workshops and bonding time. In 2020 we will organize 4 Boostcamps where you will get to work intensively with our coaches and fellow Startup Journey participants. Boostcamps are a great getaway from conventional thinking and doing, and serve to inspire and bring us closer together.


The bread and butter of learning is to meet and work with people more experienced than you. We are honored and humbled to have built a roster of such amazing coaches, mentors and friends, who have selflessly worked to develop our aspiring entrepreneurs.

Le grande finale

Journey Demo Day End of August

The grand finale of our program. This is your chance to show the world how much you have advanced yourself and your business this summer.

know our people

win the prize

get the fame

Here's what you NEED

  • An idea for a business concept. Think growth potential and scalability.
  • A kick ass team that is ready and willing to commit and work hard.

Here's what you’ll get

  • Some graduated teams got investment of the size range from 30k to 600k during the next 24 months after the graduation.
  • The top notch coaches from all over Finland.
  • Four weekend long training boot-camps (we call them boostcamps).
  • 10-15 ECTS for students of some universities in Turku
  • Weekly hands-on coaching to polish your idea and go forward with it. Coaching content includes team building, product development, marketing, legal issues, pitching, sales and many more.
  • Full access to SparkUp co-working space during the summer.
  • The best community of like-minded people to surround yourself during BBQs and networking events.

Succeed with gaming

Journey Game Track


If you're a game developer or a team, then we definitely have something for you! Because of the popularity of the Journey among gaming teams, we've developed a separate track to help gaming teams to get the expertise and knowledge they're after.

Our collaboration and partnership with The HIVE - Turku Game Hub gives our gaming teams extraordinary opportunities to network with people from the game industry. You get game industry specific coaching and events in addition to the regular program.


As the summer approaches, we will be announcing more updates on this year’s Journey, so keep your eye on our Facebook page, Instagram and LinkedIn.