Startup Journey: Week 10 – Demo Day

August 22, 2018

We are so happy with the Startup Journey Demo Day this year! All guests and participants seemed to enjoy the day, as we’ve seen so many genuine smiles and great conversations happening. We even beat our attendance record, as we’ve had something between 150 and 200 guests coming.

The Demo Day started with demonstration of nine demo booths, each of them representing nine Startup Journey teams. And since we have creative teams, the demo booth experience wasn’t boring at all. At one booth, guests were watching informative video explaining the startup idea, at another they were getting free stickers or playing the demo version of the game.


Demo booths.

The main program started with welcoming words from the Network Manager Anssi Ketopaikka and Chairperson of the Board Elias Savonlahti. Then the most exciting part began– pitching! As we have heard from so many guests (and we absolutely agree), the way everyone has pitched was astonishing! The teams performed as if they were doing it for years and years, when actually majority of them started practicing only 10 weeks ago. We are so proud of everyone, because every single person evolved so much during such a short period of time. So, as you can guess, the Jury was faced with a very difficult decision. And we are happy to announce that the winner of the Startup Journey 2018 is Saavu – a modern attendee management solution that replaces forms with an intuitive chat. Big big congratulations to Saavu! They will be receiving 10 000 euros from Boost. The Best Pitch Award went to the gaming startup Wintersky! And the Community Hero of 2018 is Iuliia Bobrovich, who was the first Boost intern!


Wille Heino from Wintersky receiving the Best Pitch Award.

So many awards and so many great memories! Thank you to everyone who took part in the Startup Journey 2018 and made it so special! Now we hope that every startup will continue working hard and progressing. Let’s stay in touch and have meetups every month.


Startup Journey 2018 participants and Boost Crew.

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